Campelo is one of the main references in Spain for vegetables and nuts supply. We are committed to our customers, to raw material and to our providers.


Eduardo Campelo founded the company in 1967. His entrepreneurial look, eagerness and effort have made Castañas Campelo what it is today: a reference for quality and service. We know the product and we look after it. At Campelo, we go through regular quality controls and we are certified under ISO Standards 9001, 22000 and GLOBALG.A.P.


Campelo has just acquired a new 16,000 square metre warehouse in the Vilela industrial estate with the aim of centralising all of its business activity in Villafranca del Bierzo and gaining space for both storing goods and processing chestnuts. An action that is set out in its expansion plan and which includes setting up a native chestnut processing and airing plant.




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